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Fort Myers Birth Photography

There are important events in our lives that we want to remember forever; graduations, weddings, family vacations… and bringing a new life in to the world is a special time that deserves to be remembered in the most authentic of ways. In choosing me as your birth photographer, you get someone who has the skills to artistically capture the most important moments of your birth story. You’ll also be gaining precious memories to look back on to one day share with your little one.

Eseentials Birth Package - $1,000

  • Pre-birth consultation at 35 weeks available in person or over the phone.
  • On call 24/7 from 37 weeks until birth
  • Photography during active labor until 2 hours postpartum
    • Family Bonding
    • Nursing
    • Newborn Exam
  • Up to 100 high resolution and web resolution files that have been individually hand edited (given time constraints)
  • Private gallery of digital images, available for download
  • Print Release for Printing Rights
  • A custom, social media appropriate, slideshow with music
  • A custom web-size birth announcement within 24 hours of baby's birth
  • Option to add addiitonal hours of coverage for $100 per hour
  • **This is a documentary style shoot, no posing or direction

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is birth photography important to you? +

As intense as labor and delivery is, you may assume there’s no way you’ll be able to forget this time in your life. I, myself have birthed 3 beautiful children. My youngest isn’t even 1 and yet the details of that birth are already fuzzy. Also, I have never witnessed more love than being a part of a birth. When you are in the zone of bringing that baby in to the world, you are receiving so much love and support from those that care about you. That raw emotion is amazing and something you deserve to see.

What will you post? +

I will always send images over to you for review before I post anything online. Your privacy is extremely important to me. Having birthed 3 children myself, I understand that this is a very vulnerable time and I would never post anything that makes you the least bit uncomfortable.

When should I call you to come over? +

You should call me at the slightest inkling of labor - even in the middle of the night! Call once again when active labor is confirmed (keeping in mind the distance I am from you!).

How long will you be photographing? +

The goal is to photograph active labor through 2 hours postpartum. Of course birth can be unpredictable and if baby comes quicker than expected, then I will capture the moments immediately following the birth; a fast birth is very much a part of your birth story.

What if something goes wrong? +

In the event that something tragically unexpected occurs, I will do whatever you want me to do. In the case that communication with me isn’t possible, I will use my best judgment whether to stay or leave. I will most likely stay, continue to document your story and deliver your images only when and if you are ready to receive them.