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Style Guide

What to Wear

Dress to impress! In terms of colors, soft neutrals look best on camera. Some examples are: cream, white, khaki, mint, coral, blush and teal. Ladies can wear flowing dresses or skirts as tighter clothes are not always flattering on camera. Add some accessories! Coordinating your accessories equally to your significant other is the key to success here. For men, I suggest wearing a sport coat or suit. A collared and/or button down shirt also photographs nicely. Try to coordinate with your significant other without making your outfits “matchy matchy.”

What Not to Wear

Colors to avoid would be bright or neon colors as they can cause a strong color cast which is difficult to edit. Items such as t-shirts, tops with big logos, gym shoes, baseball caps and distressed jeans can cause a sloppy look that does not look put together on camera.

Extra Tip for Family Portraits

Choose 1 to 2 colors to spread across the entire family. Have the mother select her attire first and have the rest of the family coordinate around her.

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