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Why Does Photography Cost So Much?

Vera Kendig - Thursday, February 14, 2019

As a photographer, a question I hear often is “Why does photography cost so much?” Or “Wow! You’re making *insert session price* per hour?!”

It would be wonderful if it were that simple, however, when broken down, anyone could easily see that I am making far less after expenses.

As a small business, I have a copious amount of expenses to ensure I can deliver clients my absolute best work. These include but are not limited to:

  • my camera body
  • back up camera body
  • a variety of lenses
  • cleaning and repair for camera and lenses
  • camera bag
  • external hard drives
  • SD cards
  • monitor calibration software
  • lens calibration
  • desktop computer
  • internet
  • tolls/gas/mileage
  • on location parking fees
  • continuing education
  • editing software subscriptions
  • props
  • paint for the studio
  • lighting (strobes, umbrellas, light bulbs, soft box, PLM)
  • backdrops
  • backdrop stands
  • wireless transmitters
  • lawyer drafted contracts
  • business website
  • online gallery subscription
  • marketing materials
  • babysitter for my 3 children

and of course an hourly rate which includes time spent setting up the session, photographing, editing, driving, additional communication via email, and continuing education.

I absolutely LOVE all things photography; giving my clients lifelong memories and creating friendships with my clients are just a couple aspects I find so rewarding. I could (and do) spend hours soaking it all in, furthering my education, and even taking free sessions to gain skills and knowledge. I enjoy it so much that I don’t want to eventually burn out and bankrupt myself! My sessions are priced to keep my business afloat.

In a nutshell, expenses (in the thousands), plus taxes equals a lot of money just to own and operate my business.

I hope this quick post helped clarify some of the pricing confusion that comes with booking a photographer :)

With Love,

Vera K.